What is Berlin Week?

Let’s give it up for Berlin Week 2017! This year, we have organized a week-long special event consisting of three gathering opportunities curated for specific audiences to achieve better outcomes:

The Strategy Retreat - May 14-17 (arrival on the 14th):

This 3.5-day internal gathering brings together top leaders from Impact Hubs around the world to review, shape, and decide on the strategy & governance of our network. This will be the primary focus of the 2017 Retreat, alongside the usual community & culture building. So put on your global shareholder hat, and let’s build the globally rooted, locally connected network we want together.

Who should attend the Retreat? Two Makers per Impact Hub (who fill the role of Founders, Managing Directors, Strategic and/or Business Development Leads).

Makers Festival - May 18-19: 

As an extension of the Retreat, the Makers Festival is a two-day event in true BarCamp style. This user-generated unconference will focus on five key areas of learning and collaboration:

  • Hub2Hub and Key Partner Collaboration
  • Capacity Building and Learning Opportunities for Makers
  • Berlin City experiences
  • Open Space for Makers to propose and build their own agenda. The perfect place to schedule meetings with your peers from other Impact Hubs as well as partners and global team members to discuss impact, co-creation and exchange ideas and experiences on your topics of interest.

Who should attend the Festival? All Makers--any and all roles are welcome to attend (cap: 300 participants)

Unlikely Allies - May 18-19:

We are hand-picking 150 movers and shakers from around the world and bringing them together to explore collective impact initiatives on key topics. Although the event is smaller and closed to the public this time around, we expect this to be the most impactful Unlikely Allies yet. Leveraging Impact Hub's convening power, deep local roots, and global connectedness, the event is designed to build deep and lasting partnerships between Unlikely Allies from a variety of sectors, which will both advance our 3.0 ambition of becoming a locally rooted, globally connected convener for impact and unlock new partnership opportunities for the network.

Impact Hubs will be able to participate in three ways:

  1. Nominating external contacts who have demonstrated their willingness to engage with trans-national partnerships for impact and work across boundaries to solve the world’s most pressing problems;
  2. Nominating peer Makers from within their own Impact Hub or other key influencers on important topics and can best represent our community and the ambition of forging network-wide collaborations
  3. Putting forward successful cases of great collaborative action forged by Impact Hubs that truly showcase Unlikely Allies.

Who should attend Unlikely Allies? Up to 30 participants from each of the following communities: Makers (general management, partnership development, and impact leads will be selected through an open application process); foundations, social purpose organizations, and intermediaries; corporations and startups; government and public policy; science, academia, and invention. A peer group will select participants based on you recommendations for a very balanced total of 150 attendees.  

When our team was starting to plan for the 2017 gatherings, one thing stood out as both a foundation and a catalyzer: there is no doubt that when this network comes together with an open heart and willing mind, amazing things can happen. Impact Hub was built and developed this way, and we should always remember and improve upon that.  
Berlin Week is being prepared with professionalism and love, aiming to bring us together in the most productive and pleasant of ways! Join us!