About Paretz

We encourage you to come along with us and the Helga Breuninger foundation for this year’s Strategy Retreat as we venture off the beaten path to one of Germany’s best kept secrets: Paretz. It invites you to dream up new ideas in a Mongolian yurt, reflect on your thoughts in spot under the sun on a secret boat house, or host an outdoor meeting at the Green Villa against a backdrop of idyllic rural landscape. The ample grounds offer something for everyone. Have a look at this map to check out all the one-of-a-kind locations!
The address is:
Helga Breuninger Stiftung, Paretzer Scheune - Werderdammstr. 1b 14669 Ketzin/Havel OB Paretz
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Paretz and its surrounding villages offer a wide variety of charming guest houses, small countryside hotels, and private studios as accommodation options. Our team has blocked rooms with our preferred partners for you in close proximity to the Strategy Retreat. We have carefully selected a range of price points comfortable for every budget and taste. Please note: Some accommodation options are not within walking distance of the main conference locations, a shuttle service will be provided on all 4 days. Have a look at our unique accommodation partners below and decide where you would like to stay in Paretz!                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                         Once you are ready to purchase your ticket on the Eventbrite page, you will be prompted to select your accommodation under “Other information.” First select the room type (single, double, or shared), then select where you would like to stay. The cost will be added to your ticket and you can check out!  
  • For single and double rooms the prices are per room. Therefore, please select under “Quantity” the number of rooms you are booking.
  • For shared rooms the prices stated in the purchasing process are per person. Please select the number of people you are booking for. Once the registration is closed, we will inform you about your roommates in those shared rooms.

Hotels & Guest Houses

Arrival & Transportation

Arrival: You should arrive to Paretz between 12-2pm on Sunday, May 14th. Please ensure you give yourself 1-2 hours for travel and that you arrive in Paretz by at the latest. This way you will have time to enjoy the fun welcome, the beautiful village, and the great activities.                                                                                                                                                                                      
How to arrive by Public Transport:
Paretz is a small village 1 hour outside of Berlin City Centre and is accessible via public transport. We recommend taking the train to the Wustermark station. From there, a regular shuttle service to the venue will be provided for free from 12 to 4pm.

From Tegel Airport (40 min):
  1. Take the Bus 109 from Flughafen Tegel (Airport), Berlin to Tegeler Weg/Jungfernheide (S), Berlin. The walking distance to the train station is about 5 minutes.
  2. Take the Train from Berlin Jungfernheide (S), Berlin to Wustermark. A direct train connection to Wustermark is available every hour. To arrive between 12 and 4pm the following trains are recommended:
    • Tegeler Weg/Jungfernheide (S) 11:04 - Arrival Wustermark 11:27
    • Tegeler Weg/Jungfernheide (S) 12:04 - Arrival Wustermark 12:25
    • Tegeler Weg/Jungfernheide (S) 13:04 - Arrival Wustermark 13:25
    • Tegeler Weg/Jungfernheide (S) 14:06 - Arrival Wustermark 14:27
    • Tegeler Weg/Jungfernheide (S) 15:04 - Arrival Wustermark 15:25
  3. Tickets can be bought prior at the counter, the ticket machine (directly at the bus station at the airport) or online. The standard tariff is € 3,30 for the needed price class Berlin ABC (Berlin Tarifgebiet ABC).    
From Berlin Schönefeld (1 hour 20 minutes) or Berlin City Centre:
  1. Take the Train from Berlin Schönefeld (Airport), Berlin to Central Train Station (Berlin Hauptbahnhof). A direct train is available twice per hour.
  2. From Berlin Central Station you can take a direct train to Wustermark. The best connection for the train to Wustermark are the trains leaving at the full hour. A direct train connection to Wustermark is available. The fastest train connection leaves in an hourly rhythm - to arrive between 12 and 4pm the following trains are recommended:
    • Berlin Hbf 10:58 - Arrival Wustermark 11:27
    • Berlin Hbf 11:58 - Arrival Wustermark 12:25
    • Berlin Hbf 12:58 - Arrival Wustermark 13:25
    • Berlin Hbf 14:00 - Arrival Wustermark 14:27
    • Berlin Hbf 14:58 - Arrival Wustermark 15:25
  3. Tickets can be bought prior at the counter, the ticket machine (directly at the bus station at the airport) or online. The standard tariff is € 3,30  for  the  needed price class Berlin ABC (Berlin Tarifgebiet ABC). Costs: € 3,30
Other Options:
  • Private shuttle service (around €60 per ride for up to 8 people)
  • Car (parking spots available)
  • Bus from Potsdam to Paretz (#614)
Transportation back to the Berlin city centre (Berlin Central Station) will be provided by Impact Hub Company and is part of the ticket price. The planned departure from Paretz is around 7pm, meaning we will be arriving around 8:15 in Berlin City Centre!

Departure: You departure back to Berlin will happen after dinner, at 7pm on May 17th. This will allow you to arrive back in Berlin between 8-9pm with time to check in to your new accommodation and get some rest.

Important: Please provide us with your travel details to Paretz via this form. This way we can plan your arrival, give you tips on how to best arrive and will be able to assist you with your travels to Paretz.