Unlikely Allies

  • Date: May 18-19, 2017
  • Location: Robert Bosch Foundation, Berlin, Germany
  • Who should attend? Up to 30 participants from each of the following communities: Makers (general management, partnership development, and impact leads will be selected through an open application process); foundations, social purpose organizations, and intermediaries; corporations and startups; government and public policy; science, academia, and invention. A peer group will select participants based on you recommendations for a very balanced total of 150 attendees.  

We are hand-picking 150 movers and shakers from around the world and bringing them together to explore collective impact initiatives on key topics. Although the event is smaller and closed to the public this time around, we expect this to be the most impactful Unlikely Allies yet. Leveraging Impact Hub's convening power, deep local roots, and global connectedness, the event is designed to build deep and lasting partnerships between Unlikely Allies from a variety of sectors, which will both advance our 3.0 ambition of becoming a locally rooted, globally connected convener for impact and unlock new partnership opportunities for the network.

Impact Hubs will be able to participate in three ways:
  1. Nominating external contacts who have demonstrated their willingness to engage with trans-national partnerships for impact and work across boundaries to solve the world’s most pressing problems;
  2. Nominating peer Makers from within their own Impact Hub or other key influencers on important topics and can best represent our community and the ambition of forging network-wide collaborations
  3. Putting forward successful cases of great collaborative action forged by Impact Hubs that truly showcase Unlikely Allies.

You can make recommendations by clicking the button below. If yours are selected, our team will contact you with more information, including the agenda for the event.  

Input for Unlikely Allies!